May 31, 2023

DEAF Success Stories

In the restless battle of providing ways and means to make the leaves of the children with hearing impairment to be successful human being in the society since 1985 by a single soldier Mr. Patan Ummar Khan, the Founder Director of the Institute. There are thousands of successful stories of Helen Keller’s students, who have joined the school as raw material and got molded as useful citizens. Otherwise, they would have been thrown out as waste in their own family as well as in the society. We are proud to highlight some of the success stories of our ex students of this noble institute . Infact the deaf students who have been groomed with discipline, molded with good character, catered with higher education, trained with helping attitude and taught with human values, now they are at different positions working in Government & Non Government Organisations.



SWAPNA and her brother both were born deaf & dumb children to a poor family. Her father Mr. A Krishna was a rickshaw driver her mother works as Aya. Both the parents broken like anything as they were not in the position to rear and provide education to their two deaf and dumb children. The movement her parents met with Mr. P Ummar Khan, Founder Director, Helen Keller’s Institute they developed more confident and started providing education to their children. The little girl with silent & innocent face became a hope of the family now by getting Govt. job as Junior Assistant in Govt. School, Hayathnagar, Hyderabad. This was happened because of the opportunity given by Helen Keller’s Institute to her to empower herself with her higher Education. She now became leader to the family and helps her younger deaf brother’s education, who is studying graduation now.

Mr. Mallikargun Reddy


There was no Intermediate available in Andhra Pradesh during the year 1996-97. This small school upgraded to higher secondary (Intermediate) school and give opportunity to number of deaf students who have aspired for higher education and higher placement. Mr.Reddy studied Intermediate and Degree (B.Com) here in this college during the years 1998-2003 and now he is working as junior Auditor in Nagarjuna University, and aspiring to become senior auditor.

Mr.O.Ramakanth Sharma


O Ramakanth Sharma S/o O Kameshwar Rao, Pasarla Pundilanka, East Godavari (Dist) his father is a private school teacher. He is now working as Sr. Assistant in Panchayati Raj Dept. Govt. of Andhra Pradesh after his graduation. He studied Inter and B.Com (Gen) from this Helen Keller’s Institute and became useful to his family and the society. He says that there is enjoyment in serving the society through Govt. Job in Panchayat Raj Depot.

Mr.P.Chandra Shekar


P Chandra Sekhar, was a student of Helen Keller’s school for the deaf, Intermediate & Degree College for the deaf, and has got Government job in 2006 as supervisor in Irrigation Dept, and married a deaf girl at Vijayawada and became supporter to his family and parents. He has very good leadership qualities, helps his fellow deaf friends in many ways. He feels that the deaf are nowhere inferior than the normal hearing people in the society.

Mr.K.Ranga Rao


Mr. K Ranga Rao, from a poor farmer’s family of Khammam Dist. studied Intermediate & B.Com in Helen Kellers Institute, now is working as Jr. Asst. in forest Dept. in his own district. It is a great opportunity to serve the society by protecting the forest and wild animals in the department, he said.

Mr. S Ravichandra


Mr. S Ravichandra was a student of Inter mediate and B.Com of Helen Keller Institute. He is a silent magician and performed more than 1000 shows in India and abroad. He has got his name in Limca book of records as excellent deaf magician in India and now trying to get Guinness book of record, hope he would success in his future endeavour and provide entertainment to many more people across the Globe.

Mr. J Sai Swaroop


Mr. J Sai Swaroop was a student of Helen Keller School for the deaf from “0″ class to B.Com, now he is pursuing university education at Galle Dent University, Washington D.C. in USA. He is one of the model student of this institute who earn &learn higher education in abroad.

Mr. T. Prakash Babu


Ms Suhani Sharma has completed her Masters in Audiology from AIl India institute of Speech and Hearing, Mysore India in the year 2014. Prior to that she has done her Bachelors in Speech and Hearing from the same institute. She also has Post Graduation in Psychology and Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Family Therapy. Overall, she has an academic experience of 7 years in the field of Speech and Hearing. She is associated with Helen Keller’s Institute of Research and Rehabilitation for Disabled Children for more than 2 years now. She has 2 International publications.

Mr. D Vishwanth Reddy


Mr. D Vishwanth Reddy from a farmers family of Karimnagar District. He studied school education and college education here in Helen Keller’s Institute, presently he is working as Jr. Assistant in State Govt. office and serving the society and his own family. Though he got many obstacles in his studies and getting a Govt.Job, he never taken his step back just because of his Self Confidence.



Ms.Abhinaya was a student of our oral school for the deaf, studied school education and become a successful model, she then tried her luck in the film industry. She proved that deafness is just an obstacle wich can be overcome with hard work, she achieved her filmfare award. She is the first deaf individual entered into film industry as actress in India and achieved best character actress with her first movie “Shambo Shiva Shambo”. Now she is busy in film industry and acting in different movies.

Ms. Laxmi was a student of our oral school for the deaf, Studied school education and left for chennai as her father was transferred. Then she studied graduation and post-graduation in normal college along with normal hearing students. She passed out Graduation with first class and Post -Graduation with first class. Now she is preparing by herself for Banking competitive exams. Hope she would be successful in her endeavours.

Mr.Rajesh successfully completed his Engineer) because of his father’s interest to see his son as Engineer. He studied class 1 to 10th at Helen Keller’s School for the deaf during the year 1991-2001 and he was prepared separately for intermediate exams with M.P.C. group in this College, then he joined in JNTU for his Engineering Course.

Mr.Gowtham was a best student of Intermediate & B.Com (Comp) during the year 2002 – 2008. His father K. Subba Rao, illiterate business man in Guntur Dist, wishes that his son should study University Education in USA in spite of his son’s disability(Hearing Impairment). The boy has made his father’s dream comes true and also proved that deafness & dumbness will not stop any bodies higher Educational achievement, if there is a strong desire.